Mandy (makale_83) wrote in photastic,

Hello :)

Hi, my name is Mandy and I've been eating Pho for probably a good 8 months now.. I've never had pho before I met my husband. He is half Vietnamese and introduced me to this wonderful treat (as well many other Vietnamese dishes such as Goi Cuon) and his mother has made many Vietnamese dishes as well that I don't remember the names to.

Anyway, I usually always get Tai Gan Sach Bo Vien. I love lots of basil and lots of lime juice. I usually put one pice of the hot pepper in it and some bean sprouts.

I absolutely love this dish, my husband has gotten me addicted to it. Which is good b/c he loves it too and we usually have it at least once a week.

I live in the DC area so there are plenty of places to choose from, and my mom back home in Illinois recently told me they are opening up a Pho restaurant near her work! So now my whole family can enjoy pho as well. Although when my mother and brother came out and visited me a couple months ago, my brother thought it was disgusting. (I think he didn't like the whole idea of eating tripe.)

All in all I am very happy to see this site, and other people that like pho as much as I do! :)
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