Galileah (galileah_galile) wrote in photastic,

Pho-rocious!!!! Rawr!!!

My friend and I have been getting our Pho on for about a year now. Suprisingly, Phoenix AZ offers many choices for Pho action. Our favorite place is called Pho Mesa. It's amazing how addictive the stuff is. No matter where I go, I always get the same thing- Pho with tofu and vegetables. And save the tofu for the end when it's time for hot chili sauce. A couple of questions: Anyone here have a good Pho recipie that doesn't involve boiling oxtails? Is there a substitute that'll get the job done? Also, what is in fish sauce? Because it's not the same thing you buy in bottles at the store, and it varies from day to day at the place we go to (as I'm sure it varies in other areas) but just wondering how many people make pho happen as home sucessfully.
I can't believe there is a community for this-Awesome.
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